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The Black Moon is a highly metaphysical point in a chart. It is of prime interest to those who are after an esoteric dimension in astrology.

It symbolises the hidden, the unconscious, the part that people do not easily acknowledge about themselves, the 'shadow', in the Jungian meaning of the term.

More importantly even, the Black Moon represents the latent occult potential in individuals, the deep astral levels that only initiates can contact and explore consciously.

Black Moon (also called Lilith) is also the power to say 'No!' as in the rebel who rejects established order in quest of deeper reality. With Black Moon, the need for absolute is great.
As all astrological objects, the Black Moon has a positive and a negative side. The latter relates to dark forces, negative occult influences. These can be related to negative beings of the astral worlds, but also to the fact that people are out of touch with their hidden side, which results in various kinds of troubles.

Psychic abilities, when they are present, always work one way or another; if they are acknowledged and understood, they can be used for spiritual work for you. If not, they may well work against you.

On a lower mode, Black Moon brings conflictual elements from the depths of the psyche, as in major traumas (samskaras) hidden inside. But on the higher mode, Black Moon is the ability to reveal what is hidden. It is a force which helps become aware of what is normally hidden. This capacity can make someone a powerful therapist, as in 'midwifery of souls' helping other people discover the most profound values of their psyche.
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